#NORRACarThrottle Challenge

Hello Everybody,

i´m back! with a new Offroad Challenge!

The 2018 #NORRACraThrottle Challenge

#NORRACarThrottle Challenge - Off-roading

i just copy the Original NORRA Content, since i heard of it only 2 days ago.

this time the Challenge will be based on the Real NORRA happened this year in April.

#NORRACarThrottle Challenge - Off-roading

So let´s beginn!

First of all the Track.
Click the link for the Roadmap.

Now for the challenge itself.

-you must Create a Team consistent of only you and CT´zens.
-The Team can be as Large as you want.
-Every person you choose must have a role in the Team.
-you have to choose 2 Cars, which you have to modify for the Rally.
-you need to choose at least 2 Trucks for transporting the cars to the rally and different stages of the Rally.
-your budget on everything including trucks, is 250.000€
-you need to write the entry in form of a Story! this is key of the challenge.
-tag me in your entrys.

here are some pictures i managed to get from the norra Rally.

at the end i announce a winner and the Winner gets a shoutout and an Upvotebomb.

So. have fun.