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Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

Fifty episodes. What does that mean? Well I certainly did not get to 100 so it is not that impressive right?

Let me give you some facts:

  • 106 different cars
  • 46 different brands
  • 9 countries (Japan, Italy, Germany, USA, France, Australia, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden)
  • Five different Forza games
  • 158 timed races
  • 681 cylinders, 4 rotors and 6 electric motors
  • From 46hp (Porsche Gmünd) to 1887hp (Rimac C_Two)
  • 2 (Rimac) to ten gears (Camaro ZL1)
  • The oldest: 1931 Bentley Blower 4-1/2 Litre
  • The newest: 2019 Rimac C_Two
  • The lightest: Lotus Eleven (490 kg)
  • The heaviest: Ram Power Wagon (3195 kg) (6.5x Lotus 11’s)
  • The cheapest: LEGO Ferrari F40 (14.99€)
  • The most expensive: Ferrari 250 California (over 16 million €)
The beginning of everything (Episode 1)
The beginning of everything (Episode 1)

Quite impressive I would say. What started out as a simple idea with a modified Impreza vs. Evo X turned into a series. The first was the test between a Ford Fiesta ST and the R32 GT-R. It was the unexpected Old vs. New but still pretty reasonable. Later on things got a bit sillier. I had everything from a Trophy truck to an old grand prix racer, a classic Ferrari to a 1900hp EV and even a Formula D drift car. Over 50 episodes quite a few cars have passed through my hands. Of course not every conceivable type since I never tested a Mercedes for example. But then again I had hatchbacks, race cars, buggies, trucks, supercars, sports cars, saloons, estates, tiny stuff and massive barges. I tamed the Alfa Romeo P3, had to jump in Aussie muscle cars, got to beat a GT-R with a humble Ford, and raced Honda versus Honda on one hand but a Stratos against an 850R on the other hand as well. Sometimes I dealt with the devil (Plymouth Fury), other times with rubbish suspension (Corvette ZR1) or an utter lack of power (Porsche Gmünd). Sometimes everything at once (Ford Crown Victoria) too.

I even had to drive a BMW X6. Amazing that I still breathe…

Besides using modern as well as old stuff relatively equally I always tried to use something for everybody. Sure some of the picks were ones I needed to have a go in (Alpine A110) but others surprised be (2018 Cayenne) more than any other car could have had. Unruly cars proved to be great (Ford Raptor) were performance machines fell short (Honda NSX).

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

While there are some cars in this list that I absolutely hated (EK9 Civic), there were also plenty of great ones. Since this post is to remind me (and you) of the vehicles I tested I figured that I mentioned the best of the best and recap what makes them so great. They are not in a particular order.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor (Episode 2)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

No matter how many Offroad cars Forza gets, there will never be something as cool and capable as the Ford Raptor. The second generation looks better (in my mind at least) and in Horizon 3 sounded better as well. In FH4 though I would rather want it with a V8 instead of a V6 but it gets the job done. It is not only extremely capable off the tarmac bits but also very good on it. 400 hp make it quick even with so much weight to lug around and the slidy handling offers perfect conditions for a skilled driver to counteract the understeer that big chunky tires bring.

It is also an excellent vehicle to hoon around in.

2018 BMW i8 Roadster (Episode 3)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

Few cars are as pretty yet as ugly as the i8 Coupe at the same time. Some lines are truly timeless whereas others are just completely overdone. The blue accents on the standard car also add to that. With the roadster I could luckily get rid of them. Then all I had to do was slap on some HKS wheels and think of a nice color (Galaxie Blue).

Now wat you see is not a hybrid trying to be a beautiful sports car but a beautiful sports car that just happens to be a hybrid. This is the way it should have been from the start.

Besides the looks the BMW also offers sweet handling. If you get rid of the skinny eco tires it can be a true Porsche killer. Sadly for the test this was not allowed so it lost but then again with looks like those can you really ever lose?

1956 Lotus Eleven (Episode 4)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

The i8 was great despite its skinny tires but the Lotus is fantastic because of its lack of anything. It lacks weight, traction, cornering grip, power, gears and yet it is about as much fun as you can have with only about 80hp on paved roads. Weighing only 490 kg and having the aerodynamic properties of a bar of soap it can make the most of every single horsepower it has. The result could be an uncontrollable, slow mess of and old car but the handling is so precise and predictable that it is a joy to drive swiftly. It can also hang with much more powerful cars in a straight line.

Once you got to a corner you have passed them anyway.

Hot Wheels RIP ROD (Episode 20 Special)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

You would not think that a car from a toy company would be good to drive but this is an actual car built to do stunts so the handling has to be pretty sweet. It is softly sprung for a car but pretty stiff for a buggy. This allows it to be somewhat in the middle of both. It only lifts its front wheel up if you really throw it into a turn. Otherwise you can bang the gears of the sequential box in and let the motorcycle engine scream. It is an utter hoon on the road and of course off it.

Considering that not many people want this car you should definitely head to the Auction house and grab one.


2019 Rimac C_Two (Episode 22)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

I probably do not have to explain why this is in here. Once I first drove the Rimac in the monthly time trial event I hated it. The speed was so great that it made my head hurt. After acquiring it later on I started to learn more how to handle 1800 electric horsepower and as soon as I got that into my brain it opened up a whole new world of what the words “quick” and “fast” mean. This is not comparable to any other car in Forza. Not even a modified car that does 0-60 in 1.5 seconds will be as mental as this because the Rimac never stops. It pulls and pulls and pulls. No gear changes disturb the colossal stream of power and torque. The closest you can get to the same feeling is probably with the Koenigsegg Regera but that has a lot less power and is not electric. It also feels like a turbine spooling up. The Rimac never spools up. It is just there.

The one gearshift it makes also only changes the car from silly quick to “let’s goooooOOOOOOO”


1957 Ferrari 250 California SWB Spyder (Episode 26)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

The fact that the Ferrari 250 is in here is not really surprising. It is one of my favorite cars after all. What makes it great is not just how it looks, and how good does it look, but also the fact that it has a magnificent Colombo V12 and great handling too. Sure it is not an R34 in terms of pace down a country road but it can certainly get a move on. If only they would be less expensive. Maybe I can one day buy/build a replica in real life.

1971 Meyers Manx (Episode 32)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

The Manx shows that if you want a fun automobile power is not always the way to go. With only 61hp t can by no means be considered fast but what makes it great is how you can play with that available grunt. If you had this fewer horses in a modern Audi it would feel like hell but since the Manx is so light and has the interesting layout of the Beetle it can be pretty fun. The suspension is soft and makes you feel as if you were going a lot faster than you actually do and with a slick gear shift what little power there is can be fully deployed. It is not a car to be upgraded this. But with a stock setup and only slightly more power (about 10 hp more) it is a riot to drive. If only modern cars were this much fun at normal speeds.

1974 Lancia Stratos (Episode 37)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

The word “agility” had been invented for the Stratos. Not only can you trim your line any way you want and at any time you desire, no, it also has a very broad selection of driving styles you can use to make it behave. Even though that is the only thing the Lancia never fully does. If you want an obedient car, get an R34.

Slow and steady might win the race but fast and flamboyant makes you the favorite of the spectators. It is also really great fun too.

Should you have a Stratos in your garage then take the widebody kit off (most have the car just for the kit), turn it back to stock and go for a drive on some twisty roads. It will not disappoint.

1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex (Episode 47)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

If you look up what the perfect formula for driving pleasure is then a picture of an AE86 might pop up. It will certainly tell you that a light, rear-driven car with a revvy engine and a manual transmission is the best way to do it.

Although in a perfect world I would rather have an Mk.1 Escort RS1600 instead of a Trueno for this kind of a job there is no getting away from the fact that this little corolla might be the most fun family car ever made. It seats four (sort of), has a big rear hatch, famous Toyota reliability and a relatively small engine so if you cruise along it will not drink that much fuel.

Why is there no car like this on the market anymore? The GT86 is 80% there but too expensive and not practical. What is BMW doing at the moment anyway?

1973 Ford XB Falcon GT (Episode 48)

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

The last car on my list is a fairly recent one: the Ford XB Falcon. It is not that different from most muscle cars in that it has a low price but a big V8 and not that much traction. What it also lacks is weight. This car only weighs 1382 kgs, making it only 150 kgs heavier than a Fiesta ST. That is amazing considering the rest of it is traditional muscle car.

I guess because of the weight this car feels a lot quicker than for example a Dodge Challenger. It also copes better with more drifting shenanigans than other cars of that era.

This was the first car for a long time that I just took out for the fun of it and after 30 minutes it was no less fantastic. In short: I did not want to bring it back.

And that is the trait of a great driver’s car.

Forza PI Pairing Special: A sum-up and my favorite cars - #blogpost - Gaming

I hope you liked this little summary of the PI shenanigans I did for the last three quarters of a year. If you want to look any of the episodes up then you can because they are all linked via the hashtag #ForzaPIPairings.

I will still be posting more stuff but nothing as consistent as a series that releases every Saturday. For now I will only be doing Forzatography’s but probably more than one picture. We will see over time. Until then…

See you later,