apology for my cringy behaivour

for the past year or two i have to thank all of you,ctzens for not hating me and make me realize my mistakes and i deeply apologize for some of them,i will delete all of my cringy posts however i will not apologize for some things.

because there have been some other carthrottle users who i think deserve to be banned,and i dont think that justice was served also,i believe that i was in some cases a victim.

however i will apologize for for things such as my intense skoda fanboyism and other bad things that i cannot remember right now i will delete everything that i consider cringy that by the time im done my car throttle account is gonna include only the good stuff so i can improve the quality of my account however i will not be deleting this enitre account since this is my first social media account .

i dont know how many of my original haters are gonna see this but hopefully a lot so,They will know that i changed and,lets let the past be the past learn from our mistakes and move on,and hopefully make this into the great ct community as it once was.