Guys, I need help! (Read desc)

Guys, I need help! (Read desc) - Off topic

So, my dad just offered me to have his broken J7 2015 (look at the pics), and I only need to pay half of price to fix his J7 (look at 3rd pic to see how much I’m paying), my dad will pay the rest.

Right now, idk if I should go for it. It’s kinda risky, but my budget are pretty tight and this is the best option yet, so idk, I need y’all opinion. I can yeet a custom ROM on it to make it a bit usable.

My Oppo is pretty much borderline rn, SD 410, 3-5 hrs of battery life (light usage), bad camera (I even use Open Camera to help me) and iOS wannabe skin. So, should I go for it?