An announcement...

An announcement... - Off topic

My activity on this site wil be severely reduced. Severely reduced in the meaning of none. I’ll be going from CT. Why? Lot’s of reasons. Just looking at the ‘All Posts’ section and you’ll see the reasons why.

I’m terribly sorry for the ones who have submitted songs for my #DailyMusic series. This will also be put on a halt while I’m away.

In other news, I have joined DriveTribe. I’m feeling there’s the future for a car community to grow and flourish, as well as there being more mature people, which CT currently is missing. It also looks like the people behind the platform actually care for their community, something that doesn’t really shows up here in my opinion

I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone from the site. I won’t be responding to comments or tags. If you want to contact me, I advise you do that via either Drivetribe or via my Discord server. I’ll put the link in the comments

Until then, till sometimes…