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1999 Toyota Corolla G6R

Toyota - 1999 Toyota Corolla G6R - Garage

I’ve been lucky enough to find a G6R here in Belgium. It has some attentionpoints here en there, but nothing we can’t fix. This car is so nice because a. it is a limited edition and b. because it comes with lowered sportive springs, sideskirts and weight reduction as a standard. I only recently bought it, so still lots to be done. This will become my main project car. The idea is to only use genuine toyota/tte/trd parts.

What I have done allready:

  • TTE front bumper with fogs
  • TTE spoiler
  • TTE grandstand rims
  • Remus exhaust (to be replaced with a TTE double exhaust, if I ever find one)
  • tinting the side windows in the back
  • windshield wiper down
  • white blinkers on the side
  • getting the orange glow out of the front blinkers
  • short antenna
  • aluminum doorhandels (inside) from the e11 facelift
  • Linea Luna middle console
  • Linea Luna window buttons
  • receiver central doorlocking mechanism + remote
  • install Celica T23 steering wheel

To be done:

  • 2din radioholder with touchscreen radio-gps-handsfree
  • revise the 6speed transmission + install it again (now 5speed)
  • 4AGE 20V Blacktop-engine
  • Remove the LPG-tank that’s installed
  • tinting the back window (new window here)
  • sunstrip on the front window
  • white leds behind speedometer + red needle
  • white leds in centre console (trying red ones later on)
  • white leds in dome
  • red leds in trunk
  • leds above license plate
  • citylights + headlights in 6000K
  • foglights 6000K leds
  • spraypaint some interior parts in 196 grey
  • rally brakes