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1991 Ford Sierra 2.0i GL

Ford - 1991 Ford Sierra 2.0i GL - Garage

These cars don’t get too much love here, although they were manufactured the same time as E30s and are also RWD. I’ve bought it in Autumn 2014 in a terrifying state for around 600£, I’ve been working on it since then. It has the 2.0 straight-four 8-valve SOHC “Pinto” engine. Until now I’ve been trying to restore it to factory-like state, which included more than I could possibly list here.

Most of the work (98% I guess) was done by myself alone, including the paintjob. Unfortunately it’s not easy to get your non-carguy friends to spend hours in your garage, free beer helps though :)

The next step I’m currently working on is upgrading the rear drumbrakes to discbrakes, and the open differential to an LSD. After that, custom ECU and possibly a turbocharger, but right now 115 factory horses are well enough for some snow fun :)

Let me know your ideas about further upgrades please!