New to the thread

Hey guys I’m new to the Honda world I’ve only owned a 97 Civic eX and I’m looking at getting that a delsol for a project. I want to know The Good The Bad and The Ugly about del Sol’s and Civics in general. I’ve heard that D15 and B16 engines are decent to boost on along with the B16 B18 and B20. I know there’s a lot out there for Performance Suspension and body kits. What do you guys have experience with what is good what is bad. I want something that is going to be around 300 horsepower with a turbo and I want it to handle well in the corners and straightaway I plan on lowering is 122 inches and putting sway bars and frame connectors on. what else would you guys recommend? I know this post is a bit lengthy but as I said I’m not familiar with Hondas I had a heavily modified V6 Mustang and know my way around suspension work and engine work I just want to know what works best in the Honda world. Thanks for yalls help