Help. What would you do

Help. What would you do - BMW E39 5-series Forum
Help. What would you do - BMW E39 5-series Forum

Soon I’ll be getting another car. I’m a Bimmer fan for life, but my budget isn’t allowing for any serious fun in the BMW world. And by serious I mean no ///M’s. I need a new(ish) car because my ‘97 540i is starting to show its age and I want something that won’t cause me any trouble before it’s paid off.

I’m keeping the 540i, because duh, I love it and its not worth it to me to sell it for $5,000. I have a catback, finally got my Mpars put on, windows are tinted, replaced the driver seat, shifter, window regulators, control arms, hoses, more door handles than there are doors… Not to mention how many scraped knuckles, pints of blood, and curse words I didn’t even know went well together, which went on under the hood… <strong>She’s mine until one of us dies and can’t be brought back. </strong><br>
There are definitely a selection of new BMWs under 50 grand, but nothing that really gives me <var>the fizz</var><br> that James May describes. I don’t know if they do certified pre-owned M Cars, but would that really be a smart choice anyway? The ONLY new BMW I see under 50k that gets me is the M235i.
Sure, I saw an E60 M5 that I could get. It took me a whole 15 minutes of pacing around saying <em>“NO! That’s a bad decision. DO NOT get excited over an M5… With a 500hp V10… and DO NOT think about the sound it makes… ESPECIALLY when you decide to make sure your ankle still stretches far into the floor boards and the risk of being pulled over is worth it. DO NOT think about this $25,000 silverstone V10 M5 ever again after you count to 3 and take a deep breath. Just pretend it was a 525i with M Bumpers.”</em><br>

So yea, nothing to get particularly excited about in the BMW world.
But then there’s the Focus RS. It’s getting attention from everyone. Finally it’s available in the US. 345hp? 347lb/ft? 30/70 AWD? DRIFT MODE?!

Come on. I haven’t even driven it and I get <var>the fizz</var><br> just watching reviews. The RS officially has my consideration over any new BMW… And that says a lot coming from me. Im a car guy wanting a driver’s car. And the RS is a driver’s car, built by car guys.

So the dilemma is…
Get something new and shouty under $50,000 and keep the 540i basically stock doing only maintenance and relatively cheap mods…
Get something cheap and probably boring under $35,000, and take $10,000 to modify the 540i.
Things to spend the 10k on include, but aren’t limited to:
M Bumpers
Polyurethane bushings
Limited Slip Diff
Repaint/wrap some sweeeeet color
Stiffer suspension
Upgraded brakes and rotors
Turbo or supercharger if the whole thing can be done under 10 grand.
Track the 540i the way it is and hold onto the money for track fees, tires, and in case anything happens under the hood.

I’ve honestly been thinking about this everyday for the past week. My mind says RS, but then I exploit an empty onramp and think <em>“I’d daily a 320i or something if I could dump 10g’s into this thing.”</em><br>
But then I think, <em>“I’m ok with the 540i the way it is, what would the RS be like?”</em><br>
But then I think, <em>“Would I have to explain to everyone that the RS isn’t your normal Focus?”</em><br>

Please help. I’m about to make a chart and graphs to help me decide.