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What are the types of essay for which we provide essay homework help in Canada?

Some of the types of essays for which our scholars provide essay homework help online in Canada are:

• Descriptive essays
In a descriptive essay, students have to describe something – an object, an incident, a person, a place, etc. This type of essay encourages students to present a written account of their personal experience. Our essay writers can assist students in writing descriptive essays that allow readers to understand the essay topics using illustrative language.

• Narrative essays
A narrative essay is similar to story writing where students have to prove a point or convey their main aim. Through narrative essay writing, students can show how important and influential a particular experience has been. Our scholars help students in drafting impeccable narrative essays in quick time.

• Persuasive essays
A persuasive essay is one where students have to utilize their logic and reason to show why one idea stands out from another. The main aim of this type of essay is to persuade a reader to adopt a certain perspective. We have a specialized team of persuasive essay writers for helping students with their write-up.

• Expository essays
For writing an expository essay, students have to analyze an idea, gather evidence to back it up, expound on the idea and put forward an argument that presents the idea in a clear and concise way. Our expository essay writers are professionally trained to gather evidence and formulate it flawlessly.

• College admission essays
It is essential for students to submit an application essay along with other documents for getting into a top university of Canada. Our writers have passed out from the top Canadian universities and they know how to write a college admission essay to impress the application committee officials.

Here we have mentioned merely some of the types of essays for which students can seek essay help online in Canada from us. Students can get assistance for any type of essay on any subject and topic from our experts.

How do our writers provide essay homework help in Canada?
Essay writing is a challenging and time-consuming task. Our writers break it into small pieces so that they can manage it more efficiently. For providing online essay homework help in Canada, they follow a set of guidelines.

  1. Pre-writing stage
    The planning stage is the most important stage of essay writing. Our essay writers plan an essay before writing it. For planning an essay, our writers follow the steps given below:

• They conduct research and find sources of information
Our experts devote enough time to read materials so that they can understand the nature of the question and major arguments that should be included in a write-up. They consult bibliographies to find relevant sources. For additional information, they refer to the course reading list of a student.

• They read selectively and take notes
Our writers never go through the entire book to extract information. They focus only on those materials that are relevant to the essay title. This enables them to get a good overview of the main points. When they read, they make sure to focus on key ideas and arguments that are made by authors. To make the essay appealing, they present points that they disagree with as well as those that support their argument.

• They create a tentative outline
Our essay writers create a tentative outline before writing an essay. The main purpose of creating an outline is to structure the main points in a logical manner for the argument. Our writers jot down the points that are to be covered in each section of the essay. While creating the outline they keep re-reading the essay question to make sure that they are heading in the right direction. After creating the plan, our scholars break down the total word limit and assign a specific limit to each point.

  1. Writing stage
    While writing, the essay our experts try to follow six key criteria – they try to keep it relevant to the question asked, they make the essay well-organized, they show adequate knowledge of the topic through the write-up, they make sure to develop an overall argument where they analyze the issue and put forth a critical evaluation of different perspectives.

• They write a simple introduction
In the introductory paragraph, our scholars state why the topic is important, where the main focus of the essay lies and what their argument is and how they will present it. In this section, our writers try to capture the reader’s attention, so they don’t incorporate irrelevant information and unduly long backgrounds. They start an essay with a general statement related to the topic and narrow it down to set their argument. Then they present a general overview of the main points that they will discuss in the essay.

• They elaborate on the details in the body paragraphs
An essay is not merely a recitation of some facts or a summary of events. Our writers analyze the essay thoroughly for making it appealing. They present factual details in the body paragraphs to back up their argument. They begin each body paragraph with a new idea and elaborate on it and substantiate its central idea. Their ideas flow logically from one paragraph to another, creating a sense of progression. If the essay requires our expert to critically analyze a text, they don’t waste their time by presenting long summaries. Rather they focus on analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. Our essay experts make sure to clearly state why they think a particular piece of evidence is significant. After writing the body paragraphs they cross check whether the points relate to the essay question.

• They write an impressive conclusion
Our essay makers pull all the points together in the concluding paragraph. They restate the thesis statement in different words to show how they have been able to prove their point in the essay. Eventually, they move away from the narrow focus to highlight the wider implications of their argument. They never introduce a new piece of evidence in this section.

• They cite sources appropriately and maintain a bibliography list
To avoid the serious crime of plagiarism, our essay experts give quotation marks if they are quoting directly. Even if they are not quoting an author directly, they cite the source from which an idea or example has been borrowed. They make a detailed list of all the books, articles and online resources they have used in the essay in the bibliography section at the end. They usually list sources in alphabetical order. Our writers are well acquainted with different referencing styles. A proper bibliography will have author’s name, date, book title, place of publication and name of the publisher.

  1. Re-writing stage
    For us, finishing writing the essay is not where it all stops. Good proofreading and editing can make all the difference between good marks and bad. After completing the essay our writers go back and read it to themselves. This helps them in identifying spelling and grammatical errors and highlights areas where the point is unclear. They check if they have followed the referencing style as suggested by a university. For editing the essay flawlessly, they often restructure the paragraphs and write the introduction at last.

  2. Formatting
    Proper formatting is essential for securing good marks in Canada. Our writers number each page, they leave margins wide enough for comments, they try to fit their content within the word limit, they give footnotes that are relevant to the argument. If they quote an author, they use quotation marks and reference it appropriately.

By following this detailed guideline our essay experts are able to draft impeccable essays and offer top-notch essay homework help in Canada.

The Do’s and Don’ts of essay writing followed by our essays written for you experts in Canada:
Our essay homework helpers in Canada follow some Do’s and Don’ts of essay writing. Students can also follow these tips if they are assigned critical essays to write in class.


  1. Write in a clear and plain style
    In academic writing, strictly avoid flowery language. Professors are more impressed with the quality of ideas rather than the use of multi-syllabic terms. However, in some cases, jargons can be used but to a limited extent.

  2. Use active voice
    In essay writing, maintain an active voice and use direct and clear sentences.

  3. Vary structure of sentence
    Readers and professors get easily tired if they read lengthy sentences filled with multiple clauses. Even short and terse sentences may not be able to present a clear picture always. Try to vary the length and construction of the sentences.

  4. Use consistent tenses
    Academic papers mostly follow present tense. Use present tense for referring to written texts. Essays hardly follow future tense. Past tense is generally used in case of history papers and in reference to experiments conducted in the past.

  5. Do proofreading
    Proofreading is a must. However, it can be difficult for students to edit a paper since they get too involved in their own ideas. They can hire our essay writers for proofreading and editing their essay.


  1. Don’t use first person pronouns
    The first person pronouns are ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘my’, ‘us’ etc. In academic writing, one must never refer to himself/herself directly.

  2. Don’t use archaic terms
    Terms like ‘alas’ and ‘thus’ are never used in academic writing so should strictly avoid them.

  3. Don’t use colloquial expression and slang
    Academic writing follows a formal style of writing, so casual writing should strictly be avoided. Try to write in a lively style but without using colloquial expressions and slang.

  4. Don’t use qualifiers
    Qualifiers like very, basically, surely, often etc. make an essay sound unsure. Students should present clear statistics instead of using such qualifiers.

  5. Don’t overuse “scholarly” phrases
    Never begin the essay with sentences like “In this essay I will…” You can directly state something without writing such lines. Also avoid phrases like “In this conclusion…” Readers are able to understand that they have arrived at the conclusion based on the content.

These dos and don’ts have always proved beneficial to our experts for completing essay homework perfectly. Students can also try adopting these recommendations for better marks in class.

How can students benefit by availing essay homework help in Canada from us?
Our online essay homework help service in Canada is the top choice of most students studying there. Students can benefit immensely by seeking essay assistance from us. Here are some ways in which they can benefit:

• Help from native English writers
Our company hires native English writers who have acquired their degrees from some of the best Canadian universities like University of Alberta, Ryerson University, York University, University of British Columbia and others. They have the potential to offer assistance on any topic as they are acquainted with the requirements of each university. Knowledge, creativity and experience are three crucial parameters based on which we hire an essay writer.

• Original and unique content
Whenever essay homework is assigned to our writers they start composing it from scratch to meet the preferences of a student. They conduct in-depth research to gather relevant information from journals, articles, newspapers and other sources. We make sure to deliver 100 percent original and customized essays.

• Unlimited revisions
We are willing to provide unlimited revisions if a student is not satisfied with the quality of our work or if they feel that we have not met a particular requirement. We also rectify grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Our scholars check each paper three times – after writing, editing and proofreading.

• Plagiarism-free work
To make sure that none of the content a student receives is plagiarized, our writers check it through the best plagiarism-checker tool. Students can avail this report from us on request.

• On-time delivery
However complicated an essay be, we make sure to get it done within the deadline. Our essayists deliver well-documented essays long before the due time so that students get the chance to proofread their essay.

Our customer care executives are available 24x7 to resolve queries. Students can feel free to contact them anytime via live chat, email or phone. By availing essay homework help in Canada from our service, students can be sure to prosper in their academics!