There's something you need to know, #allroadnotlowroad fans...

There's something you need to know, #allroadnotlowroad fans... - Stance

This is a message to those of you who hate on stanced cars, because they should be rally built, and that’s why the factory worked so hard on the suspension to make it…
That’s right, Subaru made lower and stiffer springs for the STI, which would make for a worse off-roading car!

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So the ones ruining the manufacturers’ work on the suspensions are those who do the rally builds you love so much!

There's something you need to know, #allroadnotlowroad fans... - Stance

So, for the sake of democracy, here is a picture of a Subaru ACTUALLY meant for off-roading… Stanced!

There's something you need to know, #allroadnotlowroad fans... - Stance

(this has been getting a lot of attention, so I’d like to specify a little thing:
What I wanted to say here wasn’t that stancing a car improves its handling or it’s aimed at achieving such an effect, nor nothing like so. While lowering a car can enhance its handling and grip, as per why Subaru itself did it, stance rarely has such a positive outcome, and people rarely care, as if those who stance their cars went fast enough to care about handling issues, they wouldn’t do it.
Like it or not, driving fast cars slow has been a thing since factory fast cars came to be. Some people value aesthetics over driving experience, and I think we should learn to deal with it, as you won’t change people’s minds by forbidding them to do what they want to, just like forbidding gay marriage won’t make people straight.
This post’s sole goal was to correct those who think lower suspension always call for worse handling and that all Subies should be raised, which would throw all the factory’s work in the trash can, exactly like in the stanced cars they hate on for this exact reason).