So some community Question addressed here...=)

So some community Question addressed here...=) - BMW E34 5-series Forum

First things first… I want the E34 and E30 forum basically to get more alive… And I want to ask you what I can do to make it happen…
Further down the line if you have any questions I want you to ask them… I like questions….while I disagree with the sentence “there are no stupid questions!” - simply because there are!, I like more technical discussions, problems and that people actually get help on here.
Give me some input!
So that is the abstract what about I am telling you down below.

So with now last presentation for my Masters Degree this semester over, I have a little time to think about different stuff and basically go further with some topics I want to achieve a little progress. Although I have again a 40 hr/week Job from next week on during semester break(actually quite interesting I am looking for bombs from WW2 through aerial photographs to determine construction sites safety)… yeah cars do not pay themselves sadly, I want to do some stuff here in the E34/E30 Forum and on a youtube platform when I find the time, which will be hard but not impossible, because the latest (huge) articles of mine were old drafts which needed actually some correction but I threw them out anyway.

One project getting the E30 ready

So some community Question addressed here...=) - BMW E34 5-series Forum

yeah needs to get cleaned quite extensively and new battery and some welding, a few minor suspension parts and brake lines. I finally have some time to take care of it. Actually less time but more structure in my daily life… really studies suck if you want to make plans… you got always time but not really, because there is always something needs to be done at some point (I have three small (15-20 pages) papers to give in until mid may =/).

So guys I will give you some posts of when I finally found a place to weld some bits of the E30 and finally get it ready.
Please write stuff that you are interested in down below, I would appreciate! Cheers!