4 Things I Would Like Car Throttle To Do

  1. Magazine
    While watching a Car Throttle review I thought of the idea of a Car Throttle Magazine. Ok yes we do have the Car Throttle app with some Reviews but I would rather sit comfortably and reading a car review in a magazine than having a phone 5 centimetres from my face.

  2. Car Spotting Go
    What about a app where you could spot cars and then use the cars you have spotted to fight against other people, fun right? I have heard other people already talked about this and I think it could be a job for Car Throttle.

  3. Racing Team?
    This is not something other people could really use but Car Throttle having a racing team would be quite fun to see. Maybe they could race in 24h of Nürburgring? But this is just a fun idea.

  4. Car Throttle Show
    This is one I have been wanting. Car Throttle do have 2 Guys 1 Car but what I would want is a show as in the Top Gear Specials.

Last Words.
Thanks for reading! It feels wrong a little bit wrong to say Last Words its not really a 400 page book.. Well one thing I want to say though all these things cost and this is not a requirement but it would be a idea for Car The