my door won't unlock and sometimes won't lock.

So this just occurred, I noticed when driving home that my passenger door wasn’t locked. I have the settings in my car set to auto lock the doors once the car starts to move, I thought it was weird but just kept driving home. When I got home I went to lock my car for the night and I noticed it locked then unlocked then locked again kinda like 1,2,1 and I checked the passenger door and it wasn’t locked. Checked the fuses I’ve got one 15 amp and one 20 amp I pulled both out but they looked intact. Could this be caused by a short, bad actuator or blown fuse? (If it was a fuse though, wouldn’t both the drivers and passenger doors not lock and unlock?) Tried using the central locking button and the key fob as well as the easy access or what ever bmw calls it. Much appreciated.