Why I love the 9n Polo

Why I love the 9n Polo - Volkswagen Polo Forum

When my S2K insurance tripled (to £3k) I had to get a car quick. I thought it’s all or nothing, there is no point getting a car that’s inbetween slow and fast. I wanted to take this opportunity to save some money and get something super economical yet still fairly modern and safe. The Polo was the obvious choice and I went for the smallest, 3cyl 1.2 engine. Epic sound for a town car!

I promised myself that I will not do a single mod on it (except sitckers lol) and enjoy it as it is. The thing is, as soon as you’re not looking at it as a sports car, it’s actually an amazing little machine. It got me from A to B in London for virtually no money for months. The controls are super light and the seating position is perfect (i got the one with adjustable seat hight). Enough space to put friends in the back and boot space for a weekend away.

When I got my 330ci I still drove it every other day because it was such a great commuter / grocery getter car. Now it’s owned by my girlfriend who’s learning to drive. She loves it and I’m reassured she’s driving a (fairly) safe car that can hardly do above 70mph…

Driving the E46 requires a lot of effort (heavy clutch, steering wheel, etc.) and it does exhaust you after a couple of hours of town driving. The Polo is the polar opposite and is quite refreshing to jump into.

Big up for all the Polo folks out there!