More updates of the work in progress VW Mk5 R32 turbo

I had the chance to check on the car today. And right now the shop is waiting for the Tial QRJ recirc valve to show up so the boost pipes can be finished. Ordered 2 more 4in wiggins clamps for the MAF and compressor inlet.

Passenger’s side intercooler piping and transmission oil cooler.

Driver’s side intercooler piping and engine oil cooler.

The thunderbunny bumper feels like it is made for this boost setup. The extra clearance inside the bumper really helped a lot when the oil coolers and boost pipes were being fitted onto the car.

Car with the upper center grill on. The grill will be painted piano black and the bumper will be candy white.

Dat ass. I’m digging the slight tire poke even thought it really isn’t intentional . I just wanted to fit 265 wide tires all around with the flares. I’m also getting some Rallyarmor mud flaps so the tires aren’t going to throw dirt everywhere and onto the car.

The interior of the car. All the stack gauges will be wired up properly now as the boost pipes are pretty much finished.

There’s more to come soon!


Miata goes BWAAAHHH

This is a mad setup!

03/12/2016 - 23:33 |
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Awesome! Really digging the look of it, I love the Thunderbunny skirt!
And turbocharging a R32 is just pure madness, in a very positive way.

03/13/2016 - 00:29 |
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