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1999 Volkswagen Golf Mk IV 1.4 16V "Generation"

Volkswagen - 1999 Volkswagen Golf Mk IV 1.4 16V "Generation" - Garage
Just two quck shots in the garden. It's work in progress, and I can't drive it to a better location since it's not registered.
Just two quck shots in the garden. It's work in progress, and I can't drive it to a better location since it's not registered.

Some facts first:

->I named him “Rolf”
—->Yes I give names to my cars, no need to kill me and/or scrap my license over it.
->Fourth generation Golf, four-door version.
->1.4 16V, making 75hp to haul around about 1.1 metric tons.
->5-Speed manual
->Techno-blue metallic, a colour exclusive to the “Generation”-Model
->It’s done just over 100.000km
->It has recieved a new block after suffering an engine-failure a few years ago.
->It’s currently standing on all-year tires, which are terribly loud at higher speeds (and, in my opinion, worsen the “lifted” look of the car).

-It has the 16-inch “Montreal”-wheels, which were the larger of two avaliable sizes for the normal Golf.

What I’ve done, and what is yet to be done:

->I removed some terribly cheap-looking plastic-chrome on the out- and inside of the car.
->I swapped the Medion-radio that the previous owner installed for a JCV-one, so I can connect my cellphone for music and calls.
->It’s gotten a full service, draining and replacing every fluid it has as well as all the filters.
->I threw out the rubber-floormats, since they look ugly and I don’t need them in summer.
->It got a very brief wash, apparently the first in (maybe 17) years.
->I bought a few stickers (a CT-one is not yet among them, since it was sold out).
->I replaced the cigarette-lighter with a USB-port.
->I attached a magnetic holder for cellphones or tablets to the dashboard
->I put the blue LEDs that the previous owner had started using for the interior-light back in (after my father had decided to remove them).
->I’m currently working on a self-made seperation for the lower part of the trunk, since I often transport some camera-gear which would otherwise slide all over the place.
->I’ll have to get the suspension fixed (the steering-wheel is tilted while going in a straight line).
->I’ll put a small fire-extinguisher in the front-passenger’s footwell
->I’ll put blue caps onto the tire-valves (because I got them for free with the car, so why not use them).
->I will give it a proper wash, and “recondition” the interior (because it smells, looks and feels like it hasn’t been touched with any cleaning-supply since it left Wolfsburg 17 years ago).
->I have to repair the interior-light in the driver’s-side door-panel
->I will reprogram the central-locking, just because I don’t need all the doors locking/unlocking while I use the car alone 99% of the time.

Where I’m headed with the car:

->While I’m doing what’s listed above I try to get it through “TÜV” (mandatory inspection in Germany) and get it registered, so I can make as many kilometers as I can in it as fast as I can, to get some experience with it.
->In July, I’ll take it on a 4500km-roadtrip, part of which will be the alpine-roadtrip organised by CTzen Allride (#ARRT2016)

Why I got it:
I had my ‘99 Corsa “Oliver”, which I like quite a lot, but my parents decided to sell it since it’s “loosing too much value”, having been with us for a year.
Since I didn’t have enough money to buy a car plus pay for insurance and taxes I had to borrow money from them, which led to them deciding the car.
It had to have some safety-features (ABS, traction control, Front- and Side-Airbags, decent crash-test rating), was not allowed to have more than 90hp (because that’d be way too much for a young driver), according to my parents, wasn’t allowed to be a BMW (too expensive), wasn’t allowed to be a 2-door and had to have climate control (the latter two just for resale-value).
I don’t really like the car, but I just focus on getting the funding for my own one together, which will take about two to three years.