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I HATE FAKE AMG'S AND M'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE FAKE AMG'S AND M'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - General

Please guys if you are reading this..please for the love of god stop putting amg badging on your non-amg cars!!!! This is a complete sin to me! I realise it’s ridiculous to judge others especially with mods but this seems so wrong in so many ways it’s disturbing!! This in itself are not the type of people who supremely piss me off but the ones who tell others after they have done fake badging and other mods to look like a real amg that it is in fact an amg. This is completely f-up!!

If you have a c300 or a c350 (which I have owned previously to my amg) are great cars! For the love of God don’t tell people you have an amg!! When I see cars with this it just pisses me off to the “enth” degree! I have no respect for you at all!

I will.only judge you if you are living and breeding a lie and this is a prime example.