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World's First 6-Rotor Mazda Is 800bhp Of Crazy

If you thought your car was loud, get a load of this 6-Rotor RX4!

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perth rotary Rotary engines are smooth, make lots of power from tiny displacement, rev like superbikes and suffer a fraction of the wear and tear of mechanical parts that conventional piston engines do. So, why don't we all drive Wankel cars? Well, because they're high-maintenance, need lots of oil, are easy to flood with fuel, develop next to no torque (which is what you actually need to overtake stuff in the real world) and are very difficult to turbocharge reliably. They're a modern car company's nightmare, which is why even Mazda, long-time friend of the rotary engine, has jacked them in. 2531 - communism engine rotary theory How could the rotary issues be solved? Maybe, perhaps, the answer is to think big. As in forget two engine rotors, or even three, but join SIX rotors up together. Even normally aspirated, it'd sound like a beehive on acid, make 813whp, 530lb ft, and render something retro like, say, a 1970's Mazda RX-4 almost undriveable. Sounds like a plan to us...Welcome to the Pulse Performance 6-Rotor RX4.

Video 1

Video 2

And before anyone trolls this, remember you're looking at a completely street-legal car running on regular pump petrol.