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2004 Mazda MX5 Sport VT

Mazda - 2004 Mazda MX5 Sport VT - Garage

Our latest project car, a tired but honest MK2.75 with a number of desirable optional extras, a hard top, low miles and a bargain price tag.

Priced at a sensible £2100 – plus hardtop – the car ticked a lot of boxes. Firstly, it was the desirable Sport model, so factory LSD, the 16” wheels, OEM BILSTEIN dampers, leather, heated seats, strut brace – the list goes on. And that’s before you start discussing the far more desirable variable valve timing engine, of course. Chuck in the relatively scab free arches and sills (ultra-rare on a Mk2) and a well-maintained 64,000 mile history, and it really wanted buying. To top it off, the vendor was also a thoroughly nice chap, which made it a no-brainer.

A thorough road test revealed a car in rude health, while a good poke and prod beneath revealed a few jobs that would need attention, but nothing that would spoil a deal. The Toyos fitted are a little low on tread, the interior has a few battle scars and there’s a little rust here and there, but nothing we can’t sort out!

A quick peek at the engine also unearthed a pleasing number of MX5-Parts bits, plus the much vaunted K&N Typhoon Intake System as part of the deal. That’s the best part of 250 quid’s worth before you start!

So what did we pay for this delightful little car in the end? Well, after the dust had settled, all issues discussed and a few cups of tea drunk, it landed at £1750. Not a crazy amount for this much fun, spec and potential! Now to get it back to the workshops for a once over!

Join us back soon to check on its progress – and to hopefully get some ideas for your own project!