An artisto in The South Bay?

An artisto in The South Bay? - Lexus GS Forum

I was on my bike riding around with my camera and a friend exploring and shooting. As we were riding around we passed a school and in the parking lot I spotted this gem, it was so interesting to me that I had to take a look. I at first glance ,I thought it was an older Lexus maybe a stances gs. Living in America my whole life and never traveling more than 500 miles from home I haven’t yet been exposed to all sorts of car culture yet, but hey, that what my 20’s are for right?
Upon further examination I saw an unfamiliar read and front end but a similar body shape. I’ve done some research (read speedhunters articles, and played copious amounts racing games) and learned about Toyota and Lexus having their exclusive Japan and USA releases, but had heard very little of the artistic, if anyone would care to educate me let me know! I’m open to all mew forms of car culture and just want to find new friends, interests, and potential business partners, just leave me a comment below and if you happen to be the owner of this particular vehicle please contact me and maybe we could even arrange a shoot! For any questions feel free to message me or just leave a comment!