Oop_333 profile picture Oop_333 7 years ago

Today while working on my Go Kart I made a fatal mistake. (Story time)

This week has already been really rough for me. Almost ended up single, my car has been having issues, school, stress and so on..

Today I decided to take out my GoKart for a little spin to wind down, but the chain fell off after 50 feet. Turns out the clutch had too much play in it and the engine seems to have shifted off line resulting in the chain not lining up = falling off.

No problem I said to myself. I took it apart and saw the issue. I just needed to find a washer to put behind the clutch so it pushed out more and lined up properly. However, it was getting dark so I took the top half of the centrifugal clutch and took it with me (to find the washer) and left the other half on the engine. My dad came out and we both love engines and this thing has an engine that just purrs, so naturally I started it up and let it idle. Then being the dumba** I am, I revved it up, felt something go flying past my face, heard something hit the deck and hit the fence. I cut the engine and looked down to find that my clutch had flown out, piercing the metal fence and damaging my deck.

I found 4 of the 6 pieces I needed to put the clutch back together, meaning now that I have to buy another clutch. Is it bad that I was more upset over the fact that now I needed a new clutch rather than the fact that I would have probably been dead had I been a few inches closer?

Moral of the story, always check over things before doing them. And don’t rev an engine with a centrifugal clutch without the top half/face plate.