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Inspirations for A Dream Build #blogspot

Around this week, while browsing the internet, I have watched two videos that might have ignited something in my mind for one of my dream build.

Inspiration No. 1

Inspiration No. 2

Can you see what my dream build might be? Well, I will share what I like do for my dream build but I gonna start step by step. First, we start with the car.

The Car for The Dream Build.

Inspirations for A Dream Build #blogspot - Blog

Wait, before you get mad or left, let me speak first.

I know that The Alfa Montreal is a rare car and don’t worry, I wouldn’t butcher one for my dream build.
You see, a friend of my father have a Montreal but it have suffered with some rust issues which he have being thinking on whether to spend a large sum of money to restore it or sell it.

This is where it might start, I could persuade my father to step in, either help him restore it or buy it in its current condition. If it works, we could have a Montreal to work on. During this part, we could take every measurement and dimension of the car, body, frame and related stuff.

The second video caused me to think, why don’t we create a new frame, a new body just like the Montreal. Then, we could make it with a high-strength chassis and maybe, aluminium body parts. After all, I don’t want to experience that infamous Italian rust. It will be a long process but the original car can spared.

The Engine

Inspirations for A Dream Build #blogspot - Blog

After have spared the original car, why don’t we go a bit crazy. This is where the first video takes place.

Instead of the original ‎2.6L V8, we might as well got with the Ferrari F136 engine. A 4.5L V8 is definitely a best idea. Who wouldn’t love that, right?

And if we are a bit naughty, we could replace the Ferrari written on the engine with Alfa Romeo and the Prancing Horse with the Biscione or a Quadrifoglio.

More Ideas for The Build

So far, that are what I want in the build. I know there is still more needed to be put in the build but I haven’t decided what else to put. Any suggestion?

A list of mods that I think I would like to use:

  1. A 6 pot brakes in the front and 4 pot calipers in the rear.
  2. Use a 6-speed gated manual transmission.
  3. Wrap the dashboard with leather or alcantara.
  4. Modify the instrument panels to have backlight, higher speedometer reading and tachometer reading. No digital screens.
  5. Use classic bucket seats.
  6. Find modern wheels that a bit larger and wider than the original wheel but still have that classic look that can complement the car.
  7. Maybe use a more modern lighting system, like halo lights at the front and LED at the rear.
  8. Widebody or overfenders, maybe?

That is what I think about one of my dream builds (I have a lot more for dream builds in my head, I wouldn’t mind sharing it if you guys want it). I know that these dream builds might not become real but it is not wrong to dream, right? I will take any chances that can help turn such dreams into a reality, even if it will take more than 10 years.

What name is fitting for such build? Maybe Project 458 Montreal? I like that.

And on that bombshell, it is time to finish this. Thank you for reading this. Goodbye and goodnight.

Example of More Possible Ideas

a Montreal with overfenders
a Montreal with overfenders
example of seat that can be used.
example of seat that can be used.