Well, hello.

Hi, good morning, evening or night, depending on where an when you’re reading this. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Fernando. I’m 14 yo and I live in Mexico City.

I’ve been a petrolhead since I can remember. I have a box about (in meters) 1×.5×3 full of Hot Wheels. I had an awful lot of posters with Aston Martins (partly because I love British cars and partly because I’m a James Bond fan), Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.

As you could expect, I don’t have a car rather than my mom’s Hyundai Atos Prime ‘02 and my dad’s Pontiac (yes, it was sold under that great brand here) Matiz G2 ‘09.
(I will get a photo of each one)

I study the equivalent of the last year in middle school. I’m about to do the MHSSC (already traduced it means: Metropolitan High School Selection Contest). Perhaps the biggest exam known to a teenager here. If i get the school I want, my mom guarantees me the Atos when I turn 16.

My car bucket list includes:
Mazda Miata RF
Aston Martin DB5, DBS and DB11.
McLaren 570GT
Jaguar Mk2, XK 2007, E-Type 1961.
BMW 1M, M1.
R34 Godzilla Stock
1960s original Mini (the new one is a big pile o’crap.
Corolla Levin AE86

As you can see, I love Grand Tourers overall and I am an Euro man, but I also like JDMs a lot.

I’m not really new. I’ve been around for a month. But I forgot this part for a reason I don’t know.

Well, hello CTzens!