Third Pedal profile picture Third Pedal 7 years ago

What started my love for cars.

Who would think three minutes could change your life forever? When I got GT4 for my PS2, I wasn’t really into cars that much. My dad had taken me to races before, but I wasn’t really big into cars. So when I started tooling around on GT4 along with my Dad, we started knocking out the license tests. Slowly but surely we beat them all and started doing rallies, road racing, etc. Several years later, I had 94% completion on the game, and I was now a diehard car guy. GT4 was the push I needed off the bridge to fall in love with cars. Ever since then, I go to races, car shows, and I am studying at college to work for a car manufacturer. When I look back now, every time I watch this opening movie I get a chill down my spine, and I am forever grateful for Gran Tursimo. Without it I probably would never be as car crazy as I am now.