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Why to opt Automatic Transmission for your Ride

Do you wish to ride your dream machine without the annoyances of changing to the right gear every time you increase or decrease speed? Switch to an automatic transmission for your car and have fun riding.

New transmission for ’61 Bel Air, by Gearstar
New transmission for ’61 Bel Air, by Gearstar

A huge number of previous generations of drivers grew up learning to drive manual vehicles. Just because, manual cars were the only ones available then. However, with increasing popularity of automatic transmissions like the 4r70w and 4l80e transmission, more and more drivers are switching to the other side.

This is very true in America where the majority of cars in the commercial sector make use of automatic transmission systems. These cars have slowly and steadily replaced their older manual cousins in the last few years.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of automatic transmissions when compared to the older versions.

  • Ease of Usage

Although learning to master a clutch and shifting gears isn’t all that difficult, it must be stated that it requires a bit of practice. Most drivers take some time to learn using a manual car confidently. On the contrary, learning to drive an automatic transmission system mounted car is easy from day one.

  • Not Restrictive

Most drivers while learning to drive at a driving school are instructed that the best way to avoid road accidents is to hold the wheel with both hands at all times. This isn’t possible with manual cars. So, new drivers tend to be less confident and unsure while riding manual cars. However, this problem is easily overcome with automatic vehicles.

  • Wider Appeal

Not everyone in a family is comfortable driving a manual car. Automatic cars are lifesavers in emergencies if the primary driver is suddenly taken ill. Also, switching between multiple drivers, while each take turns napping, during long road trips is possible with automatic controls.

  • Easier to navigate on Inclines

New drivers find it difficult to navigate on steep slopes with a manual transmission, especially when they have to dead stop on a gradient. Automatic transmissions ensure that the car navigates smoothly irrespective of the incline of the terrain.

  • Driving through Traffic is a breeze

Driving through congested urban streets is a nightmare even for experienced drivers. Repeated starting and stopping, accelerating and decelerating is a big headache when using manual transmission systems. Especially, the need to quickly start your car to avoid stalling and to escape the fury of the drivers behind you requires skill and expertise. Automatic transmissions ensure that you can zip through heavy traffic just by lifting and pushing down on the pedal.

  • Better Fuel Economy

It’s a common myth that automatic cars are fuel guzzlers that empty your entire fuel tank quickly. Modern automated systems like the automatic 4l80e transmission are just as economical as their manual counterparts.

  • Better Resale Value

When it comes to selling your car in the market, the appeal of automatic cars is higher when compared to regular manual cars. So, you can get a better resale value for automated vehicles.

Remember the proverb that “You can’t have the cake and eat it too”? Automatic cars are proof for the opposite of this adage. Yes, you can have fun driving without having to worry about the various annoyances of manual cars. The automatics of today can even help you save money in the long run.