R32 GTS-4 (found in classifieds)

One drool-worthy Skyline
One drool-worthy Skyline

Here is a car that I believe is worthy of its own post.
It is an all-original, turbo, HNR32 in great condition, with apparently “one lady owner”. What makes it really special is that it is a turbo, coupe, GTS-4 that hasn’t been modified.
It has all-wheel-drive, and also HICAS four-wheel steering. That means that it will corner like a dream, and you still get mad acceleration.

R32 GTS-4 (found in classifieds) - Nissan Skyline Forum

It is an automatic, but there are very little signs of wear (the steering wheel in my R34 is falling apart), and a manual conversion is very do-able. Since it’s 4WD, you can swap in a GT-R gearbox with ease.
It has the original floor mats, the vents haven’t fallen off, it has the original tape deck, and look at how shiny the original steering wheel is.

R32 GTS-4 (found in classifieds) - Nissan Skyline Forum

From the photos the exterior looks very good, aside from rust in one wheel arch, and it appears to have M-Spec side skirts that give it a sportier look, while still appearing stock.
Since it is a factory turbo model it has the upgraded brakes that the GTS and GTS25 models don’t have.

Now the mileage is rather high at 220,000Km, and the price is a suitable $8,000, but if I had the money I probably would buy this and swap the turbo for a bigger one.
It almost looks like a GT-R - the only exterior change I would make is a high level GT-R spoiler.