Common 370 Problems

Common Problems with the 370Z

CSC (Clutch Slave Cylinder) Failure

This problem has occured on many 370z’s. Basically, the clutch won’t disengage until the pedal gets lower and lower, and eventually it fails all together. It’s important to watch your clutch fluid levels just in case, but warranty or aftermarket replacement should fix the problem.

Fuel Starvation Problems

This problem tends to happen when fuel levels are extremely low. The starvation occurs through long sweeping corners when the fuel is pulled away from the pump. The best tactic to avoid disaster is to not let the fuel level get too low.

Steering Wheel Lock Failure

This is another common problem with the 370. The steering wheel lock can fail, causing an extremely unsafe situation. The lock can either be replaced by an aftermarket unit, or you can pull the unit apart and remove the lock all together as seen here.

Noisy Gearbox

The transmissions make some noise. It’s not hurting anything, just something to be aware of

Clutch shudder

This may be linked to a failing CSC, but some owners have reported a “shudder” when starting in 1st.

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