My Clio MK2 project

My Clio MK2 project - Renault Owners

So guys this is my little Clio. I got it from my parents because they were buying a new one and I rly like this mk2. First few monthis i was driving it stock, with no changes done to it. Then I decided to go for something like European style. First thing i have done to him were foglights, just wraped them in yellow transparent sticker (like shown in first picture :D). Then i widened stock steelies.

After the steelies I went for parking lights. Just bought some moduels and connected them.

My Clio MK2 project - Renault Owners

When i got bored of black and rusted widened steelies i wanted to do something with them. I dont know why i choose this colour scheme but it is too late now haha. Here are some pics of work in progress and finnished product.

And this is how he looks right now. Im not satisfied with the looks but he will have to wait untill i get more money for some coilovers and some other parts.

I need more low!!! Keep you guys posted for changes in the future