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My plans for my Jetta Coupe :)

My plans for my Jetta Coupe :) - General

Here are just a few of the small things that will be added to my little coupe. But you know what they say, it’s the details that make the difference. I bought this car a few weeks ago, and so far I am enjoying it, but being 26 years old, it’s got a fair amount of issues, and definitely needs some tlc. Before the show season gets going, I plan to get the Trim for the rockers, as well as the door. Next comes the headliner. The exhaust was just done on Friday night, it is a 2.5 inch Techtonics tuning catback with a Borla muffler. The Jetta Coupe stickers should be arriving shortly. The hood and front bumper will be painted this weekend. That is all that will be done before summer. Possibly more, but being a full time student, with a not even part time job, I don’t have a lot of $$.
This winter however, I plan to have a lot more done. The plan is to repaint the entire car, including pulling the 8v, and repainting the engine bay. I might even get crazy and re do the undercoating. While this is going on, I’ll be preparing the 3.2l VR6 for its new home. It may possibly be getting supercharged. With some built internals. With the swap we will do a wire tuck, I don’t plan on actually shaving the bay, but I may change my mind. It will be getting bigger brakes, front and rear. As well as a frame notch, for the VR6. I’m hoping to find a Rallye front end for it. Another rare item on my list are the OZ VW rally wheels. Those paired with the white and red tailights will look great. I plan on getting white turn signal lenses, and fog lights also. I’m thinking I will shave the Banana lights. In the long run, I won’t daily drive this car like I do right now, so the interior will probably be stripped down. Atleast the back will. I plan on keeping the Carpet and headliner in. But I plan on putting in a back-half roll cage, and racing seats in the front.
There’s more on my list, but that is the majority, I could go on forever. Let me know what else I should do!