Guide To Engine Differences in the 350Z

Just thought I’d make a quick breakdown of the different engines that came in the 350 for those who are curious.

Engine Types

VQ35DE -287hp
This engine came in 03-05 and 06 auto cars. These were the original that came in the 350z and was offered from 03-05.

VQ35DE Rev-Up - 300hp
This 300hp engine was an upgraded version of the DE which revved higher and achieved higher horsepower numbers while sacrificing some torque. These came in 05 manuals and in everything in 06. The thing to watch out for on these engines is their tendency to eat a little oil.

VQ35HR - 206hp
This is the newest and arguably the best version of the VQ35 offered in the 350. It offers more horsepower than the Rev-Up, and featured a dual intake system. This came in the 07-08s and the 09 roadsters.


For the most part, it’s not really worth it to try to convert from one of these types of engines to another. The Rev-Up engines have a variable exhaust valve timing, different ECUs/wiring harnesses, different internals, and a different intake plenum. The HR does not swap easy into either of the DE engine places either, and doing so would cost quite a bit of money.

Hope this helps!

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