Octavia common problems

DPF Warning Light

If you get this light the problem will more than likely be that the DPF is clogged. This is a very common issue on many different diesel cars, as they don’t fare to well when it comes to short journeys. This is rectified by driving the car on an open road in 4th at 2500rpm for around 5-10 miles, this should enable the DPF to clear out and normal service should resume. If this doesn’t fix this problem then it may be a faulty DPF sensor, or the DPF could need removing and cleaning out manually.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve blockage

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR) is known to get blocked up with carbon deposits, symptoms of which are hesitation, rough idle and loss of acceleration. The EGR will need removing and clearing out with a wire brush and some carb cleaner.

Damp front passeneger footwell

The plenum chamber that is located next to the window wiper mechanism below the windscreen can get blocked up with leaves and debris, causing any water to leak into the front passenger footwell. Unblocking the holes in the plenum chamber will allow the water to go through rather than leaking into the footwell.

Driveshaft Vibration

If there is cabin noise and vibration at between 1900-2900rpm, it is more than likely a faulty driveshaft which will need replacing.

Rear wheel alignment from MY06

Models before the 06 model year cars suffered with uneven tyre wear at the rear as well as tyre noise. The alignment setting were changed from MY06 onwards. The new settings are -1°20’ ± 30’