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ARRT2016 Day 1. How the journey began.

We met at a ski resort parking lot in a small town called Oetz. Counting myself in we are a nice small group of 5 cars. 2 red MX5 NA 1.8, a black 118i, an anthracite S Class Coupe 560, and a blue 1.4 Golf Mk3 with 75 hp with his driver Max fighting for every bit of propulsion he could wring out of his car at every incline, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

As we left the parking lot the rain did set in and we did hit quite a lot of traffic until we arrived at the bottom of Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstrasse where the sky and the road ahead opened up for us. We had that winding road to ourselves, everyone went at his own speed and had a big grin on their faces when we stopped at the top. The other MX5 already suffered overheating issues on the way up, but that didn’t stop the 2 guys in the car from having a good time. While our cars had a bit of time to cool down and we had a look at the scenery a white AMG GT passed us. When we were done with our break shortly afterwards I set out on the mission to catch up to the GT on the way downhill and a quickly succeeded sticking to his tail until he pulled over for a break. A few kilometers down the road I waited for the others and we had another little break that came just in time for the 2 ton Mercedes. The breaks were smoking badly for several minutes and while we were waiting the AMG GT gave us a little treat soundwise while passing us.

On the other side of the mountain we did hit traffic again. It was an annoying bit of driving through the city called Merano and towards Stelvio Pass. It felt like it would never end.

Once we got to the bottom of the mountain pass all of the boring traffic was forgotten because again the road ahead was empty. Just a single Golf GTI passed us while I turned on my GoPro. With his forced induction at height and about 70-80hp more it was really hard to catch up to him and because of me pushing my poor little car so hard through all those many tight switchback corners now my MX5 began to become hot. While sitting at a parking lot almost at the top, at which I did arrive at quite some time after the GTI, waiting for the rest of the group to catch up my car could cool down again.
As the group was united we enjoyed the view down on the road that we just took to get up there.
On the way down we spilt up for everyone to check into their hotel and then we met again for dinner.
Now I have to get ready quickly because I did Worte way too much and departure for today is in 1 hour.
I’ll add pictures if I get to it.