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1999 Seat Cordoba 1.4 i

1999 Seat Cordoba 1.4 i - Garage

Before i say a thing: This is not 100% mine, its about 20%
Now you are saying in your head: “Wow does this kid actually think he owns his brothers in law car”, i dont…
I fixed minor things on it as: A paint scuf, rust (little spots), Glowbox, patched some seats (how ironic)…
This thing handles like a go-kart if you are looking for a car like that…
Yes, i did notice the missing number plate, its getting registerd on my birthday hopefully or near those days (September 10th)…
Its holding well for a car that has been sitting there for around 6 months, its currently out of fuel, oil and battery
I need to buy a new antena for the radio to work…
I ordered a wrap (carbon fibre) for the car, it will come around January 2017 (got screwed)
For the engine its holding well, it litterally has 0 problems!
There are few bents that can be fixed by a 5 year old…
It has VW Polo front blinkers or turn signals
Specs (hopefully):
60 BHP
165 KM/H (we did go that fast)
0-100 in 16 seconds
3000 rpm
6.9/100km (better than a Civic)

Now, why am i posting it again? The last one is bad quallity and im reborning this acc with fresh stuff
Look at the 3rd picture and you will get the idea from where did i get my profile pic
Its going to be a challenge getting those upvotes back to be honest i was close on 20…
Welp that sucks!