My #5kChallenge, here it goes

1993 Toyota Supra 3.0 Auto £4,374

My #5kChallenge, here it goes - General

So… I’m gonna get alot of hate for putting a N/A automatic supra on the list but I had to. It’s 4k for a japan imported Supra with an aftermarket HKS full exhaust system, A SUPRA! It even comes with the original rims if you don’t want the aftermarket ones. Anyway this is the first entry to the list.

Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R £4,879.52 (690,000 Yen)

My #5kChallenge, here it goes - General

This is a car that you can import from Japan because it is still in Japan on a Japanese website with many Japanese things that are sold in yen because people in Japan use yen and not the other currencies wot da other countries use. (seriously, I should be a teacher.)
Anyway, about the car. This is the top of the line Mitsubishi FTO. 2.0l Manual lightweight coupe with a full aero kit, what could be more fun? (a miata)

1994 BMW M3 E36 £5,000

My #5kChallenge, here it goes - General

Of course I had to include some non-Japanese cars in this list. So I put the only actual M3 that I found under 5k on the list. CONS: No MOT, problems with anti-roll bar bushing and a track rod end. PROS: M3, M3, M3, M3, M3, M3, M3, It’s a friggin’ M3 and the fact that it’s got tinted euro headlights and coilovers.

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