A full tank of gas on a VW Beetle parked for 10 years

Well, I started repairing a 1996 Volkswagen Beetle (yes, the Mexican Beetle with fuel injection) that has been parked on a friend’s front yard for at least 10 years and I want to make it run, the transmission is shot because of a flood that happened years ago but it still managed to drive to the garden where it sits. For now I have replaced spark plugs, connected a new battery, inflated tires (only for getting it out) and checked the compression on each cylinder, and right now we want to take the old gas out but we were shocked to see that the car was parked with the tank almost full and it seems that the gas is now useless. We don’t know what to do, I know how to syphon gas out of the tank but I don’t know where we are going to put all of that gas (the tank it is said to be 40 liters, I think that is a lot but who knows) and where to take it after we get it out. Con you help us out?