Buying an Impreza - What to look out for?

Hey Subie owners,

I might buy a bugeye WRX wagon in a couple of months, so I’d like to start educating myself, what to look for, when buying a car like this. I’m in EU, so it’s going to be a 2.0L turbo (218hp) with a 5-speed manual. I don’t know if US-specs are different, just wanted to note.

When I inspect the car, is there anything type-specific, that should be checked? Hidden body parts that may be rusty, typical places on engine where it leaks, parts in the AWD drive train that are prone to failure, things like that.

Second - how is it to work on an Impreza? I have the place and the tools, I’m used to fixing my cars myself, I even do the most hardcore stuff DIY, so it’s important for me that it’s somewhat easy to work on the car.

Third - how to know if the car is heavily “tuned”? I don’t want to buy a car with an engine that did the recent years taking double the boost it was designed to endure.

Thanks in advance, cheers!