Must Have Jeep Accessories

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Are you a Jeep owner? This model as we know is pretty rugged but surely is attractive even in its stock form. Adding or installing additional accessories won’t definitely to make it more road and off-road worthy.

Here are some of the upgrades that you can consider purchasing for your Jeep:
The weather can be very much unpredictable when you go off-roading. Protect yourself from the blazing heat of the sun or shield yourself against the rain by installing either a soft top or a hard top. A soft top is usually made of a heavy duty fabric or vinyl, while a hard top is usually made of fiber glass.

Winches are also popular when it comes to Jeep owners. This functional upgrade can be used in recovering a stuck vehicle and to tow a helpless vehicle from being stuck.

Mud tires; this upgrade can definitely give a Jeep an aggressive look. These types of tires allow off-road enthusiasts to handle better in harsh road conditions. However, it is usually more expensive than your regular tires.

Performance suspensions are also a must have when you want to take your Jeep off-roading. Though Jeeps are typically outfitted with tough suspensions, it won’t hurt to replace it with heavy duty shocks, struts and suspension lift kits.

Air Intakes/Snorkels are also essential to Jeep owners. This type of mod can definitely boost your Jeep’s performance by improving its airflow. Snorkels also allow your rig to wade through deep waters without stalling.

Nerf bars are also a must have. This exterior upgrade allows passengers to easily get in and out of the vehicle, particularly those outfitted with lift kits.

Brush guards and fender flares are also two of the most popular Jeep upgrades. A brush guard provides added protection to your rig’s front end. It can also be used to mount off-road lights and winches. While fender flares protect the sides of the vehicle from harsh elements like mud and other debris.
Skid plates are also essential to Jeep owners. This metal plate cover serves as an undercarriage protection from tough road elements such as rock, sand and mud.

Performance chips are also a popular Jeep upgrade. These engines add on may boost the horsepower and fuel efficiency of a vehicle.

It won’t be difficult to boost the appearance and performance of a Jeep. As I have said earlier, this type of vehicle is known to be tough and efficient without any upgrades to it.