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1986 Porsche 924S

Porsche - 1986 Porsche 924S - Garage

My beloved Housewife’s Porsche. 2.5 Litre engine with 150 hp. Weighs about 1.100 kg and had quite a bit of mods done to the suspension.

Has done about 170.000 mls and is driven hard. Always. Beautifully balanced and such an awesome drivetrain. You wouldn’t believe, that the gearbox is 30 years old. It feels just perfect.

Highly recommend these transaxle Porsches. Fun to drive and still affordable 👍

I’ve bought mine for 4.500€ in 2011 and steadily improved it. Powerflex bushings around, front strut bar, Bilstein B6 Sport, better brakes, new seats, shortened springs.