#AMA - Podcast Edition

#AMA - Podcast Edition - Ask Car Throttle

TL;DR - ask a question wether it’s about cars or personal and I’ll answer it in the pilot of a new podcast.

I’ve been messing around with podcasting for a few years now and had a couple come and go. The problem is it’s hard to be regular with a couple of people doing it, and peoples lives change and irregular turns to never again so…

I’m going to approach the Both Hand Drive podcast differently to start with by going solo and taking a crack at a Q&A. Down the road I’ll have people on and maybe I’ll find a good partner in crime that can go the distance.

Personal questions are fine, but I will lie to protect the innocent if need be.

Any car questions are also fine - if I don’t know something I’ll either research, bullsh!t or make a complete idiot of myself.

If there’s more than enough good questions and the pilot doesn’t suck ridiculously hard, I’ll follow up and do the rest.

Let’s make a thing.