What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

Don’t be offended by my meme up there. That is mainly about the Mustang memes,but we’ll get to that later. But anyway,I’ll be talking about how the car scene is so f@#$%& up and how we can fix it. So if you think GT-Rs are the best cars,Mustangs always crash,Corvettes are muscle cars,and turbochargers are the best way to go,then I suggest you get off this post before I trigger you.

Reason 1:GT-R fanboys.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

Is it just me,or is the GT-R a heavy pile of computers? I mean yeah,the GT-R is a decent car,but there are so many computers and driving assists that the thing theoretically drives itself. It’s not a real supercar. Before you guys castrate me in the comments,let me explain. If your like me,you want a solid car that needs little to no assists and computers. A car that has nothing to help the driver is a real car. It’s just man and machine. No traction control,ABS,or skid recovery force.Just like the 2008 Viper ACR,which had a faster Nurburgring lab time than the GT-R that has all of that fancy crap. Look at the performance trim for the GT-R,the GT-R NISMO. 3.8 liter DOCH twin turbocharged V6 making 600 horsepower with a top speed of 191 miles per hour. Now look at the most solid 911 ever,the 2017 Porsche 911 R with NOTHING to help the driver. Not a damn thing. No traction control,ABS,skid recovery force,nothing. A 4.0 liter DOHC naturally aspirated flat six making only 500 horsepower with a top speed of 202 miles per hour.
How does a car with now driver’s assist,less power,and a naturally aspirated engine have a higher top speed than a f%*&$@g robot? Because the people in Germany know how to make a bare-bone car that can blow it’s more powerful competitors out the wind. Thus being said,the GT-R isn’t a “real” supercar. In my opinion.

How we can fix it:I thought LONG and HARD about this,and the way I see to end GT-R fanboys is by just calling them out on their BS and giving them the facts. Swear words are a must when doing so.Simply because they used them when saying GT-Rs are the best.So why not give them a taste of their own medicine? And this is the truth. If you think GT-Rs are the best cars ever,your must be playing WAY too much GranTurismo 5,6,and Sport.

Reason 2:People hating on other people’s taste in cars.

I didn't make this meme. I found it on memes the other day. I'm not going to say who made it.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

If you think about it,the people who hate on other people’s cars absolutely RUIN the car scene. If you don’t like something on somebody’s car,keep you Goddamned mouth shut,and move on.No need to lower somebody’s self esteem because you think their LB wing on their CR-X is useless. It is useless,but not when it comes to style. If I see a flushed Civic with a Rocketbunny kit a giant LB wing,I will most likely like it.No.LOVE it. I love Hellaflush,Fatlace,Zillalife,The Shocker Crew,Rocketbunny,and Libertywalk. It’s my kind of style.Hell,read my bio.

How to fix it:If your at a car meet and somebody talks shyte about your car,just ignore them or laugh at what they’re saying. And just in case you want to get them back,go see what they’re driving. But just ignore the haters,bro.And like Tupac said,keep your head up.

Reason 3:People who think ‘Vettes are muscle cars.

Everything that classifies as a muscle car except it only has two seats.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

Corvettes are f!@#)(& awesome,right!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It’s just one thing that ruins them. The people that compare them to Mustangs because they think they are muscle cars. Look at this r3t@rd3d meme I found.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

OMFG,mate. You ‘Vette dudes can keep making these memes,but in 2013,Shelby made the worlds most powerful muscle car. Screw what you heard about the Hellcat. The 2013 Shelby 1000 makes 1,200 horses. More than 707 right? http://www.autoblog.com/2013/03/28/2013-shelby-1000-new-york-2013/

How we can fix it:Simple,show them the Shelby 1,000. They’ll do one of two things,make excuses,or say,”Bro,that thing is by Shelby,not Ford”. Oh,is that why the new Z06 was made by SLP,not Chevrolet?

Reason 4:Turbo ‘tards.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

Yes,turbochargers are the best way to go. Sometimes. Let’s say your car has a redline of 5,000 and you put a turbocharger on it. That’s not a good choice. A supercharger is better because they would make more power on a low rpm car that a turbo on a low rpm car. Now for a high rpm car,a turbo would be a better choice,but some superchargers (mainly centrifugal superchargers) would be great for 9,000 and over rpm engines. Mugen makes roots superchargers for Hondas and their Hondas rev well over 10,000 rpms. But overall,superchargers and turbochargers help different engines in their different ways. But still,turbo ‘tards won’t sink in the facts.

How we can fix it:Just tell them how they both help in extremely detailed ways. If they say otherwise,their in denial.

Reason 5:Mustang memes.

Again,I didn't make this.

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

Is it just me,or do the Chevrolet meatheads try their hardest to bring down the Mustang guys? Look at this meme.You think Camaros don’t crash?

What's wrong with the car scene and how we can fix it. - Blog

Yeah,its hard to see that they don’t isn’t it? This really offends me when I see Mustang memes because Ford Mustangs are my favorite muscle car.Also,this shyte is getting old and it needs to stop. I’ve seen Camaros crash,too.

And truth be told,in the last five years,Camaros have had a higher crash rating than Mustangs,and there are more Mustangs on the road than Camaros and they still crash more than Mustangs. Just thought you guys should know that.

How to fix it:The way to fix this is just by killing it off,and telling the Chevy dudes that Camaros crash more because its the truth. And that meme you seen at the top of my post was going out to all the people who make these memes,and hate on other people’s cars.You d1ckh3@ds.

Conclusion:I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope I have shown some people the light. I’ll see you guys next time in my post. Cha-bang,b1tches. #MakeTheCarSceneBetterAgain