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The first Prototype of Sōichirō's ICE is ready!!!

The first Prototype of Sōichirō's ICE is ready!!! - Blog

9 Months of work. Day and night, calculate, construct, simulate, improve. All this, with just one goal: Create my own engine, no matter how much I need to work or learn for it. After so many days, I can finally say: The first prototype of the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is ready.

But first, let me explain what Sōichirō is:

Sōichirō is a one man project of a 16 year old engine and car fanatic from Germany. I still go to school and I do all this besides my school work. The project is a Hybrid-Powertrain with approximately 350hp (280hp out of ICE, 70hp out of electrical engine). I don’t try to make a compromise between power and efficiency, but instead use a fixed amount of fuel and generate the most power out of it.

And now for all the spec-lovers, here are the specifications of Sōichirō:

Main specs:
Engine displacement: 1197cm³ (1.2 litres, 73.2cu in)
Stroke x Bore: 64mm x 63mm
Cylinder arrangement: 60° V6
Max. rpm: 11000rpm
Compression ratio: 11.1:1
Injection: Spray-guided Direct Injection (450-500 bar pressure)
Turbocharging: electrically assisted TwinTurbo-charged with 2bar / 29psi (absolute)
Hybrid-System: 70hp electric engine between crankshaft and clutch & 4hp electric engine between compressor and exhaust-gas turbine.
Lubrication: Dry-Sump Lubrication (electric oil pump)

Intake: VAVAL(VAriable VAlve Lift) & VAVAT(VAriable VAlve Timing)
Outlet: VAVAT
Valve clearance compensation: mechanical (shims)

Arrangement: externally next to cylinder banks
Assist: electric motor on exhaust turbine shaft
Max. rpm: 140000rpm

So, after explaining what Sōichirō is. I want to show you some parts of the ICE and explain the special things about them.


The piston is forged out of aluminum 4032 and features a variety of new developments. Besides a DLC-Coating on the piston skirts, a diversity of rings is used on the skirts. This reduces the friction and increases the durability in situations with bad lubrication, because these rings work like a oil reservoir.


The conrod is made out of forged titanium 6Al-4V. It features a X-Bone structure at the shaft, which not only increases stability but also reduces weight.


The crankshaft is forged out of AISI 4140 Steel and features a DLC-Coating at the bearings, this reduces friction, increases hardness and by that improves durability at high engine speeds.

The first Prototype of Sōichirō's ICE is ready!!! - Blog


The valvetrain features a variety of new development to improve the ICE efficiency over the whole rpm range. In addition to variable valve timing, a new continously variable valve lift system is implemented in Sōichirō’s valvetrain. Again, many parts such as camshaft or rocker arms are DLC-coated.

Engine block

The engine block is sand casted out of the hypereutectic aluminum alloy AlSi17Cu4Mg. Even though no cylinder liners are used, the cylinder wall get’s a 0.5mm thick Iron-Carbon layer, which is transfered through the wire arc spray method. The goal was to create a very stable engine block which is still lightweight. The engine block itself has a weight of 20.8kg.

So, what’s now? The next step is the development of the exhaust system. The first prototype of the exhaust manifold is already done and even though it’s not nearly finished, it gives you a first glimpse at how the final manifold could look like. Only problem: with my computer all those simulations take very long. and with very long I mean veeery loong… But time comes and I’m able to upgrade my hardware, then the development will be faster and the products better :)

The first Prototype of Sōichirō's ICE is ready!!! - Blog

At the end, I want to say thanks to all the people who are interested in this project! This really helps me to go on and it’s nice to see that people like and appreciate what I do :)

See you in the next post!