I need to stop loving cars. Im done.

If only it was that easy..

The ** in charge of P plate laws are *. They make it so we can’t drive blody anything. I’m looking at a certain car.. and I thought, “ima be getting an exemption so I’ll look at a 5l v8 Commodore as it’s under 125kw/ton”

Well the * in charge have decided that no, you can’t have your v8 which would get flogged by a new 6cyl. Who the ** thought of that?

I just want a car that looks good, goes alright and sounds good.. I can get the looks and power to a point but I can’t get the sound. It’s really pssing me off.

To get the moderatley powered exemption the car must be an supercharged or turbo petrol with under 125kw/ton. It can’t be an n/a 5l v8 with under 125kw/ton. It can’t be any v8.

Why the ** are we not like NSW which just goes by Power to Weight? Why are states so different? It’s All a load of sht.

So as you can tell I’m fkn annoyed right now and wonna go punch some dumbasssssses in the face.