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2000 Toyota Celica GTS (Totalled)

Toyota - 2000 Toyota Celica GTS (Totalled) - Garage

This is my 2000 Celica GTS, I never made a garage post about it, well I am sorta glad I did as it did from the pictures get into an accident, my fault due to roads being sheer ice cause city grates the sand off intersections and leaves only ice.

What I done to it was fix the valve cover gasket to stop it leaking oil.

January 10th I got into the accident, drove it home and parked it till assement date. It never leaked any fluid from the radiator but does need a structural and a mechanical inspection. But the whole point of this car was to be the motor swap for my Panasonic Edition. In the end I wad paid exactly what I paid for it and bought it back since it works just fine.

Currently it sits on my grandparents farm till spring where I can go pull the goodies I need to make the Panasonic one better. I may rebuild it at a later date for a daily or a track toy, not fully committed to either or for the moment