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Quick and cheap double trunk DIY

Quick  and cheap double trunk DIY - DIY

There are better ways to do this, but this one is fast, easy and cheap!

Lets start, I used some 1.5x1 inch wood that layed around my house, and some flat board from an old closet. All that + a saw, few nails and screws and you are good to go!

The main image is just to get more attention and an idea of how things could look under the double floor if you are a freak for organisation. I just wanted some space for my tools but keeping the trunk free and clean.

  1. Since I dont have a garage, the exhaust stepped in to hold the wood while cutting.

  2. I created a simple subframe set so that I can take the wheel out, come close to mounting points and get the desired height.

  3. Make sure to get the wood tight against the plastic to get it fixed witouth even mounting in properly like here, that prevents rattle.

  4. I used stock mounting points in the trunk and simple brackets on the subframe just for that extra strenght.

5.Use some flat wood and cut it to the trunk shape, go with the opening sistem you want, I made mine in two parts witouth any hinges because the boot is small for opening anything upwards.

  1. I used the stock carpet to cover the wood but you can do your thing, the cheap way is to cover it with nicer wood or laminate in the desired style.

This is just the basic way, if you have the tools, time and will, you can create something sick like the last two images.