#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car

#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

This challenge is made by TheMindGarage, and I thought of having a shot at one of his challenges again. I cannot guarantee I won’t dominate the top spots again tho… :)

For this challenge I’ll build a sports car that will be the successor of a car it’s manufacturer hasn’t brought back to life


#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

For the engine options the car will feature a hybrid setup, with a 160 horsepower andstrong 2.4L petrol four-pot as the internal combustion unit, and an electric motor capable of adding 100KW of power. Having the car being a hybrid may save it from later fuel and emission regulations. Optional will be a slightly more powerful tune for the engine, resulting in 185 horsepower. Or you could go for the strengthened, turbocharged version of the 2.4L four banger with some 400 horses to play with.


#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

The power will be send to the front wheels in the base spec form, with upper specs able to get the optional all wheel drive system or with a torque vectoring differential. The power will be delivered through either a six speed manual in the base spec, or an optional eight speed dual clutch unit. Front and rear suspension is independent, brakes are steel discs all around on the base version, with carbon ceramics available. The electric motor is capable of regenerative braking to extend the range

#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

Of course the car will feature some active aero. An active rear spoiler raises up when the speed exceeds 120km/h, and will assist braking at speeds above 100km/h. Parts of the front grille are able to close in order to reduce drag, thus increasing efficiency and top speed. They open again when the engine needs additional cooling. The car also features a flat underbody and rear diffuser, which creates downforce without having the negative effects of extra drag.


Trunk space would be quite large
Trunk space would be quite large

The interior would look like what would be in other cars from the manufacturer, though it would be more sporty looking. Bucket seats are standard, same goes for the rear bench seats. Not that they’d ever be comfortable due to the lack of legroom, but a small child could fit. Or you just fold them down to make the trunk large enough to move medium-sized furniture around.


#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

The car will of course be available in a variety of versions, so there will always be one that suits you the best
/ Base / Featuring the regular hybrid setup with 294 horses and base spec options

  • Six speed manual gearbox, FWD
  • ABS, ESP, TC and other necessary safety stuff is standard
  • Climate control, cruise control are also standard
  • Estimated price: €22500 - €30000
#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

/ GT / Based on the base version, but way more luxurious

  • Everything the base version has
  • A more sporty tune on the engine, good for a 15hp extra
  • A torque vectoring differential with advanced TC and ESP
  • 8 speed dual clutch gearbox
  • Adaptive cruise control, heated seats, heated wing mirrors, four wheel steering, satellite navigation with (Free!) Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging, and lots more luxurious attributes
  • Estimated price: €30000 - €47500
#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

/ GTi / A slightly more sport oriented version.

  • Everything the base version has
  • Sportier tune with a 15 horsepower bonus
  • Torque vectoring differential with advanced ESP and TC, and the six speed manual. The dual clutch unit is optional
  • Four wheel steering, satellite navigation
  • Active aerodynamics
  • Bigger brakes
  • Estimated price: €30000 - €45000
#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

/ GTO / The super hot version. And the most advanced as well.

  • Turbocharged 2.4L unit, together with the electric motor for 534 horses
  • 8 speed dual clutch sending it’s power through an advanced AWD system. Kind of like what the computer from Nissan has, but better due to it being up-to-date and having more computers.
  • Rear bench seats are deleted in favour for chassis reinforcements
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Track mode: Gives the engine some more boost and more power from the electric motor as well, at the cost of accelerated wear to both units.
  • More extreme active aerodynamics
  • Race derived ABS and TC available in the ‘R-package’
  • Estimated price: €75000 - €90000 (R-package adds an extra €7500 to the price)

And now the most important part. Have you noticed I have never told you the name of this car in the complete writing? The only thing I said was that it was a revived version of an older sports car. And that it’s manufacturer never revived it.

That is not true, since it’s manufacturer sort of did revive it. And when I say sort of, I mean they did it the wrong way. Slapping the name of a ‘dead’ sports car onto a crossover doesn’t revive it. You better take notes of that, Mitsubishi.

Just imagine this being a sports coupe. I’m bad at drawing 3D stuff and photoshop
Just imagine this being a sports coupe. I’m bad at drawing 3D stuff and photoshop

Yes. It is a Mitsubishi, and I was talking about the Eclipse. However, unlike what Mitsubishi did, this would actually be a coupe, and not some econocrossover. Okay, it’s engine is the only thing that is from a SUV style vehicle (4J12 engine sourced from the Outlander). But that’s not the only car that’s being revived here. You see, the GTO version of the car was made with a different car in mind…

#MySportscar The true revival of a sports car - Blog

… With the Mitsubishi GTO VR4

Which means this concept revives TWO dead sports cars, in one go. And with the performance of the newfound GTO, it’d be capable of battling supercars and destroying that one outdated, overhyped computer from Nissan.

Again, just imagine it being a sports car
Again, just imagine it being a sports car

BTW there were lots of references in the post. Only three pictures in this post are non-Eclipses :)