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Top 10 Epic Street Drift Videos On YouTube

If drifting is the dark art of driving, then these guys must be wizards

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Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 14.43.28 Ask any keen driver who's tried drifting and they'll probably tell you they're good at it. Ask any keen driver who hasn't tried drifting and they probably think they will be good at it. In reality, they're probably not and they probably won't. It takes hours and hours of practice and dozens of tyres to get good at drifting. These guys clearly put the effort in and recorded the fruits of their labours for your viewing pleasure.

Tanner Foust Before he became a presenter on Top Gear USA, professional hooner Tanner Foust drove a NASCAR-engined Scion TC in Formula Drift USA. Here he takes it on a very smokey jaunt along Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles.

Audi hooner Wet roundabouts have been the training ground of many drifters. The driver of this four-wheel-drive Audi proves you don't need massive amounts of speed and an armful of opposite lock to go completely sideways.

RWD E36 roundabout drift Six-cylinder E36 BMWs are great cars for learning how to drift. They're cheap to buy, there's load of them about, they handle brilliantly and sound awesome. This guy proves the point.

Hockey stick drift Drifting round and round in circles is relatively easy. Applying the technique to a layout the shape of a hockey stick takes things a stage further. (Can anyone tell what the car is?)

Muscle-car mania Landyacht-sized American muscle cars don't normally lend themselves to drifting. Especially not on a very tight roundabout. Somehow this guy keeps it sideways and doesn't hit anything.

Porsche GT traffic drift The Porsche Carrera GT is a notoriously tricky car to drive fast. It's brilliant up to point, but overstep the mark and it'll spit you into the scenery. Massive respect then, to the bloke who mastered drifting his (though he loses points for doing it heavy traffic).

Supra-engined Volvo Volvo estates used to have a bad rep. After all, their styling is based on a house brick and they were usually driven very slowly by OAPs going to the garden centre. But not any more. Wind the suspension down, weld the diff and you've got a great drifter (Supra engine optional).

Old-school Japanese Drifting was invented in Japan. Young racers found the fastest way to drive the twisty mountain roads was to go as sideways as possible. Today's Japanese drifters still relive those early days.

Childbirth driting It seems drifting has gone mainstream in Japan, if this incredibly cheesy scene from a TV drama is anything to go by. I'm not entirely sure sliding around wildly is the best way to drive when your lady is in labour, but it seems to work for this fella.

Epic lorry drift This is epic. Drifting a lorry takes some serious 'nads. It's probably quite easy to do (400-odd bhp, 1000-ish lb/ft and no weight whatsoever on the rear wheels). But when you're sitting a good eight feet off the ground, it must feel like you're in a tower block.