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This Inspirational Guy Uses A Nissan GT-R To Raise Awareness Of His Rare Terminal Illness

Having been given a maximum of a few years to live after being diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer, Andrew Lee decided to raise awareness of his condition in an awesome way

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After a shock diagnosis of a rare kidney cancer known as HLRCC, Andrew Lee was told he had around a year to three years to live. When pondering what to do with his dramatically shortened life, Andrew - with the help of his dad - bought his dream car: an R35 Nissan GT-R.

Having received extensive modifications, Andrew now uses the car for ‘Driven To Cure’ - an organisation he set up to help raise awareness of rare kidney cancers that affect children and young people, as well as helping to raise funds for research. The best part? As you can see, the GT-R’s plate reads ‘F CANCR’.

The good news is that Andrew is now undergoing a trial treatment which is “having success prolonging my life,” according to his website. F CANCR indeed.