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Stop The World, We Want To Get Off: It's The Honda 'Minnie Van'

We don't really know whether to laugh or cry, so we'll open the floor to the good CTzens of planet Earth as Honda reveals a one-off Minnie Mouse-themed Odyssey people-carrier

Remind me later

Honestly, we don’t know whether to simply point and laugh, or to actually take our hats off to Honda for a family car design that the kids will absolutely love.

Nah, let’s just point and laugh.

Working with Disney designers to create the special project for the Disney D23 Expo that has just finished in California, Honda added the white-spotted pink wrap and a huge set of Minnie Mouse ears, complete with bow. We can’t imagine they’d fare well at a 70mph cruise, but thankfully it’s for display only.

Honda - Stop The World, We Want To Get Off: It's The Honda 'Minnie Van' - News

The creation is based on the 2018 Honda Odyssey, which has a bunch of new, practical family-friendly features that you’re probably not interested in - or won’t be until you have kids of your own.

This one has pink cushions, too, which helped it fit in as part of a display dedicated to the fashion of the famous lady mouse. Admittedly, this fires right over our heads so we’ll just leave you to enjoy the, err, striking looks.