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Someone Just Lapped The Nurburgring On Two Wheels And Live-Streamed The Whole Thing

Stunt driver Han Yue has set a world record by lapping the Nordschleife in a Mini on two wheels, taking 45 minutes to get around the Green Hell

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Believe it or not, today we bring you a Nurburgring video that involves neither a near miss nor a crash. No, it’s actually something far more interesting: a new world record set by Han Yue, who lapped the Nordschleife on two wheels in a specially prepared Mini, a feat which took 45 minutes. The whole thing was live-streamed on Facebook, watched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Han is no stranger to car-based world records. The Chinese stunt driver made headlines for balancing a car on two wheels while another did donuts around him, and broke the record for the tightest parallel park a couple of years ago.